Empfehlenswerte Bücher zum Thema QlikView Entwicklung

Nachfolgende Bücher zum Thema QlikView Developer in Englisch möchten wir Ihnen empfehlen:

QlikView 11 for Developers:

This book is smartly built around a practical case study – HighCloud Airlines – to help you gain an in-depth understanding of how to build applications for Business Intelligence using QlikView. A superb hands-on guide.


Learn to build applications for BI while following a practical case -- HighCloud Airlines. Each chapter develops parts of the application and it evolves throughout the book along with your own QlikView skills.
The code bundle for each chapter can be accessed on your local machine without having to purchase a QlikView license.
The hands-on approach allows you to build a QlikView application that integrates real data from several different sources and presents it in dashboards, analyses and reports.

QlikView for Developers Cookbook:

Take your QlikView training to the next level with this brilliant book that's packed with recipes which progress from intermediate to advanced. The step-by step-approach makes learning easy and enjoyable.


Learn beyond QlikView training
Discover QlikView Advanced GUI development, advanced scripting, complex data modelling issues, and much more
Accelerate the growth of your QlikView developer ability
Based on over 7 years’ experience of QlikView development
Written in a handy Cookbook style with each recipe as a self-contained learning module

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